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Water War / Water Warfare :: Rogue Group Tactics - Scenario 05

Concept and Storyline by Sandman (Rogue Member) and; Edited by

Background: Another all-out soakfest with about 6 people participating in a team game format. The battlefield is huge and it is sparsely populated with trees and shrubs, so you don't have many places to hide. There is only one refill station and it's in the middle of the battlefield in a clearing that's about 60 yards in diameter. Since there is only one station, the station itself is NOT a safe-zone: you can still be soaked while refilling. However, the people you are fighting with are extremely generous people and they leave any non-used weapons on the ground at the filling station so that a teammate or foe can switch weapons if desired. You've managed to stay relatively dry so far, just a couple of minor soaks to the arms and legs. But you're out of ammo, and you must make a lonely journey to the refill station. Upon reaching the station, you notice on the ground in the filling station are 2 FULL XP270s, a HALF FULL (about 2-3 shots)CPS1200, a 1/4 FULL (about 1-2 shots) CPS2700 and an EMPTY Monster 2001, Monster X, and Splashzooka. You set down your CPS1700 (not a terribly wise move but you do it anyway) and prepare to grab another weapon (the weapons are about 2-3 feet away from you). At that instant, you hear a foe at the edge of the clearing (about 70 yards) shout, "Hey!", and watch him AND ONE OF HIS TEAMMATES charge your position. One has a CPS1500 and another has a CPS1000. You pride yourself in your relative dryness and intend to remain that way.

So, now what?

Note: Read's reviews of weapons if you're unsure what each blaster looks like, behaves like, etc. The average 70-yard dash time is 10-25 seconds. The refill station consists of a hose with a 2001-edition (Monster series) QFD attached. Using the hose as a weapon was agreed upon as illegal.

Solution by Duxburian:
This seems really old, so my plan may seem a bit out of place with those times...

Well, if it takes the enemy about 10.1 seconds to reach me, and I can do 70 yards in ~7.4 being a track runner, it is safe to say that I can get away easily.  I'd pick up one of the XP 270s, the CPS 1200, and my CPS 1700 before sprinting away.

I'd then take cover behind a tree and immediately start dumping the XP 270 water into my 1700.  If the enemy brings on pressure, I'd prop the 1700 up against the tree with the 270 upside down over it, leaving me at least one free hand to fire the 1200.  I'd try to hold long enough to empty the 270, but if the enemy tried a flank, I'd have to run away with whatever water was transferred.

Behind a new tree, I'd empty the 1200 water into the 1700.  If the enemy doesn't give me time to do that, I'd do it on the run.  Once the 1700 has as much water in it as the 270 and 1200 can provide, I'd begin the actual fight.

I'd fire extremely sparingly, letting the enemies waste their water.  I've never seen other people tap-pump in a soakfest, but I do.  When the enemies waste their full pc shots, I'd hit them with well-placed taps.  Even with two enemies shooting at me, the open ground allows me to use my full dodging agility and speed.  When one of the enemies has to refill, I'll be able to tell [you've got to be amazingly experienced to completely hide that need].  Obviously, I'd go for that guy and block him from the refilling station.  

If the 1500 user rushes me in support of the 1000 user or vice versa, I'd enter the refilling station and pick up the other full XP 270, then run away.  While the enemies refill, I'd dump the XP 270 water into my 1700.  

The enemy will attack again, and I will dodge their wasteful streams again.  Over time, those direct hit taps will do more soakage than missed streams.  This strategy cannot be kept up indefinitely, but those enemies would come out of the battle much wetter than myself.

Solution by TAKrogoth :
This scenario lends itself well to the QFD attachment.
I would grab the Monster X, jam it into the QFD, and let it load. I would then grab the 2700 to use as a sheild. If the situation lent itself well to it, I would attempt to pour water from one of the other weapons lying there into the 2700. This requires a lot of dexterity and speed. The Monster X will at least fill its pressure chamber and part of its reservoir in the 10 to 15 seconds I have. The rest is simply running. :)
Alternative methods:
If the hose pressure doesn't seem as good, I'd grab the Monster instead and do the same with the 2700.
If these two may be on the lower end of the 10 second dash, I'd grab the 1200 and fill the Splashzooka. This situation would leave me greatly underpowered, but would get me out in time.
Fourth option, give up the ghost and grab the 270's and go charging them, in case they may be empty. :)

Solution by Sandman :
Ok, I know, the person who came up with this scenario (who shall remain nameless) gave a water warrior FAR TOO MUCH to be thinking about at once. But here goes:
Whether the enemy is empty or not, I won't be able to ascertain until they start firing, which is too late. Whether the enemy takes 10 seconds or 15 seconds to run to me, I won't be able to figure out until they are only yards away, which is better but still to late. So let's push these variables aside and assume that they are fast and fully loaded.
My solution is to attempt to grab 3 guns. The order which I want them is this: Splashzooka goes in the QFD, 2700 serves as the main weapon, 1200 serves as the backup. To accomplish this, I would probably grab the Splashzooka and 2700 first. Tossing the Splashzooka towards the 1200, I would then grab the hose and move to the 1200/Splashzooka site with the 2700 on my shoulder. The next step is to set the Splashzooka on its end (nozzle facing up) and "sit" on the QFD as it refills the blaster. Meanwhile, the 2700 goes in my hand while the 1200 goes on my back (or for those of you who have incredible arm strength: 1200 in left hand, 2700 in right hand). By this time, the enemy should be within firing distance. The bad part about my situation is I sacrifice mobility for each second that I keep the Splashzooka jammed in the QFD. When the 2700 runs dry, the 1200 is up. When the Splashzooka is ready, I holster whichever blaster I'm using and op for 65 ounces of water. By this time, either me or them should be ready to flee (or increase mobility by moving around), and so the fight at the refill station will come to an end. If all goes well and they flee me, then I'm grabbing the Monster X and CPS2700, refilling them, and continuing with my hunt.
This scenario forces you to chose which blaster to pick up to dispense the greatest amount of water. Also, your stock is limited with the decreasing amounts of water in the high-end blasters (CPS2700, Monster X, Splashzooka), so your best bet is to fight and refill at the same time. In a nutshell: your dexterity and quickness on your feet determines how dry you stay.

Solution by TonyB. :
This solution is not affected by the discrepancy in the scenario (initially the clearance is described as having a 60 yd. DIAMETER - a distance of 30 yds from the center filling station to any edge. When the opposing force is sighted, they are "about 70 yards" away).
Either way, they are in range to blast me within ~8 seconds - not a lot of time for elaborate plans or soaker juggling. I would grab the 270s, the 1200, and my 1700 and bolt in the opposite direction. Short term objective is to get clear of my pursuers into some concealment (or better yet, cover). Once that is done, I transfer the water from the 270's into my 1700 (making sure to use the water in the firing chambers as well). Since each of the 270s has a volume of ~47 oz (including chamber), they will just about fill my 1700 (res vol = 100 oz). The half-full 1200 is my backup. Once this is accomplished, I am as well armed as either of my tormentors (probably better, since they were probably coming in to refill themselves).
Then I go hunting armed with two of the best water cannons ever devised.

Solution by Hurricane H2O:
I'd make this short as possible. I'd retrieve my 1700 and get both of the 270s and run to my team or cover as fast as possible. I'd fill my 1700 with only one of the 270s and use the other to blast my way back to the fill station.
Also has everyone forgotten your team mates. Within 60 yards everyone should have heard a shout from near the center. Hopefully thy'd be smart enough to come help. With almost no cover and little blocking the way, they should see you.

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