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Water War / Water Warfare :: Rogue Group Tactics - Scenario 06

Concept and Storyline by Hurricane H2O (Rogue Member); Edited by

Background: You and four friends (5 people in total) decide to have a quick match in your yard, playing one-hit-kills. To be eliminated, a person must receive a shot directly to their shirt (no glancing/droplet hits). The battlefield is in your front and back yards as well as the roof of a shed. One of your friends decide to test out using his poncho (pull-over raincoat) as armor. While he heads over to put on his poncho, you and the three remaining friends start planning. You and your allies have a Monster 2001, an XP310, a CPS1200 and a CPS Splashzooka. Poncho-man uses two CPS1200s. When Poncho-man arrives, he quickly takes out two of your allies. You climb onto the roof to get a better vantage point. When he finishes your last remaining ally, he focuses solely on you.

You have your full Monster 2001. The remaining blasters used by your allies lie closely together, but Poncho-man is between you and the soaker stockpile. There are bushes around the yard and picnic tables to the left on the ground. You are on the roof with Poncho-man approaching, but still on the ground. However, while your allies are out, you don't intend on giving in so easily.

Additional Information:
Terrain: Flat;Grass
Playing Field Size: approx. 60'x60'
Time: Noon
Shed:1 story tall(about 10 ft.), 3 access points, area (approx. 10'x10'), 4 opaque walls, no windows.
Blasters about 30' away from current position.
Poncho-man about 25' away from current position.

Solution by Codemaster :
First, I would set the Monster to the 4X nozzle and shoot the guy's foot makeing him quite uncomfortable.Then, I'd climb (or jump for the crazy people) down of the back of the house. If you were lucky enough to shoot the guy's foot before he saw you, then you should be able to sneak around the left side of the house, flanking him while he is off-guard.I would then use the pop-out/pop-back-in technique on him until he got angry enough to try to catch you. When he came around the corner, I'd lift up the poncho and, at point blank, I'd soak him.

Solution by WarMachine :
First of all since this is a simple one-hit-kills scenario then your above-all priority in not to get shot. This, however, is not as simple as it sounds since there is no room for error. You don't get any second chances if you screw up. You must position yourself in such a place that it would become difficult for Poncho-man to get a clear shot at you. The roof of a shed that sits easy in the firing range of all mentioned artillery and provides no cover is not a good spot to duke it out with Poncho-man. You will need to jump down off of the side of the shed which is not facing poncho-man. Use the sides of the shed as cover and hold back Poncho-man. Take careful shots that don't empty your entire firing chamber to prevent Poncho-man from charging. Your position is not one where you can just fall back to the support of the stockpile, so you don't want to lose anymore ground to Poncho-man. If poncho-man isn't down after a short exchange of fire then you should probably consider a plan to flank him and take control over the other guns. You could make a run for it and circle around Poncho-man, but this is risky he will be un-doubtfully get several up-close shots at you and would be on your toes by the time you reach the stockpile.
What other choices does that leave you? Well one other idea may or may not work, but it could give you a chance of several seconds at the stockpile. Have you ever played tag or hide-and-go-seek around a school portable or a large tree? Try getting Poncho-man to charge you up to the shed. Make sure that you are on opposite sides of it when he reaches the shed. Continue to circle the shed using it as a barrier between him and you. When you are sure that he is not looking sprint off to the stockpile leaving poor Poncho thinking that you are still playing games by the shed. He will catch on of coarse, but this method may give you those few extra seconds to supercharge the Monster or pickup the Splashzooka (recommended since no pumping is required). Engage him in the bushes where excellent cover is provided. Play defensively and be careful, if you are patient enough, your enemy will surely lower his defenses in frustration or by accident.
-That is when you strike-

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