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Water War Scenario 2: Fenced In - Part 2

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Scenario: You and your friends have gathered and are holding a semi-organized soakfest. Where there are no specific points or elimination rules, everyone is in agreement that honor and relative dryness are the keys to victory. In general, if one is being hit by a stream, one naturally takes a step back until out of range.

In this case, not only is this an organized soakfest, but also a defend-the-base sort of game. Your team made up of you plus four other members are to attack the base comprised of your friend's house's backyard area. The backyard is a 50' by 50' area that is fenced in by a 6' tall wooden fence. For sake of simplicity, the sides of the fence face West, East, and South. The house makes up most the North side. The main entrances to the backyard are on either side of the house on the North West and North East side of the area. However, despite the height of the fence, there is also the possibility that your opponents can find a way to go over the top. The fence, itself, is a wooden fence with 6" slats that cannot be directly seen through, though one can see through at an angle when up close.

The filling station is on the middle of the house wall, but it was agreed before the game began that the hose could not be used as a weapon.

You and your friends are armed with CPS1000/CPS2100 class weaponry as are your opponents. However, you have a one man advantage, being a group of five (5) instead of your opponent's group of four.

You have been designated team captain for this game. The game duration was set at a quick 15 minutes such that multiple games could be played over the course of the afternoon. You and your teammates have filled your blasters and must wait 60 seconds before you can begin your attack. Unknown to your opposing team, you have gotten yourself access to a few chairs (three chairs to be exact) that could easily help you and your team cross or at least fire over the fence at virtually any point they are set up. Of course, one may be spotted if one is not careful with the approach and, of course, when standing on a chair, one has minimal sideways mobility before falling off. What would you have yourself and your team do to make the most effective attack on this base?


As is true with everything, there is no single perfect solution and there can be many great strategies. Different ideas could have varying likelihoods of success in reality. Your ideas and suggestions are desired. Post in your thoughts on this scenario!


By: Rising Flood

My attack would be largely based off their defensive actions. Knowing that they have time to prepare, too, they would probably guard the entrances. Fortunately, they don't know that our team has chairs.

I might just try the usual attack, except with two people on opposite sides of the fence standing on chairs and shooting over the fence, then ducking or running away. If an opponent wanted to see what was going on and came out of the fence, we could have another person right next to the entrance to drench them.

If I felt like messing with their minds a little, I would try to lure them out of the fence by tossing a chair right by the entrance so that they could see it:
Me: *tosses chair* (our team runs out of sight.)
Enemy: "What the heck? A chair just rolled by." (remember, they don't know anything about the chairs) "I'm gonna go see what's going on." *walks out to look at chair*
Me + rest of my team: "Eat CPS 1000!" *blast blast blast* etc.

By: C-A_99

Chairs = deployable cover. For starters however, I'd sneak around the house with a squad of 3, then try to breech one of the entrances. This group (which I'm part of) gets one chair to use as a shield to carry in, then deploy if necessary (though it doesn't make a very good shield once deployed) The squad of 2 each get their own chairs and use them to get over the wall. Since this is really just a soakfest, and most of us are able to carry at least a light CPS and a folding chair at the same time, I don't see any problems getting this through. Rising Flood's idea of luring the team out is also good against a fairly unexperienced team. Either way, the assault must be stealthy and sudden, with everybody running through the entrance as quickly as they can.

Alternatively, the squad of 2 can just put up the chairs and attack without hopping in, given they're in range. The lack of mobility shouldn't be an issue since they can just duck behind the wall, and at that height, they should easily be able to see if the defense leaves the area and tries to attack them, giving them plenty of time to leave the deployed position and attack accordingly.

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