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Water Warfare Scenario 4: Blind Corner

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Game Type: Survival / Last-Man Standing
Duration: 20 minutes
Number of Players: 6 (you plus 5 others)
Environment: Urban; concrete and asphalt terrain; lots of brick walls and wooden fences

You and your friends got together for an afternoon of Survival / Last-Man-Standing games. One-Hit-Kills, but shtos must be on the torso (arms, legs, and head hits don't count) and create a roughly fist-sized splotch. Games are kept short, only 20 minutes, so multiple games can be played. Eliminated players must go to and wait in a designated waiting area until the game is over. In general, games are intense despite being just 20 minutes in length. Survivors (there can be multiple per game) get one point. Whoever survives most often throughout the afternoon is declared winner while the others have to chip in together to buy some food for the winner for the after-game party. However, if there are more than one tied for first, the free meal has to be shared (i.e. pizza slices split or a burger cut in half).

Overall game details aside, it is the last game of the day. It is already 10 minutes into the game, but remarkably, no one has yet been eliminated as far as you know. You and one other friend (but worthy rival) are tied for the lead so this game could determine who gets a free meal. If he is eliminated and you manage to survive, food be coming your way. However, if you both survive or are both eliminated in this game, you'd need to split the spoils with the other. Of course, if you're eliminated and he's not, he'll be rubbing the loss in your face for a few days!

While trying to remain hidden and cautious, you slowly approach a house's corner when you think you hear something from around it, but are not sure. What would you do? Do you proceed forward to see what's going on and go for an attempt at a soak or fall back, though it is also possible another player may be lurking somewhere behind?

You are about 10 feet away from the corner of the house to your front-rightside that meets at a plus(+) intersection between alleys. To your back is an alley that stretches another 50 feet before reaching another plus(+) intersection. Going left at the intersection is considered straying out of bounds, but you can still go forward through the intersection if desired. These alleys are about 24 feet wide (enough for two cars to travel) and have the occasional dumpster or stairwell and railing to hide behind if needed. Unfortunately for you, the alley you're in offers no cover apart from a inset doorway 10-feet back of your current position. You are in the shade, but the sun is too high that you wouldn't be able to make out another player's shadow until they were pretty much around the corner.


By: Rising Flood

I'm a bit of a risk-taker, so I'd take a peek around the corner. Here three things could happen: 1, there is someone there and he sees me; 2, there is someone there, but he does not see me/he is fighting someone else; 3, there is no one there. Since #3 is the easiest to deal with, let's get rid of it first. If there was no one there, I would continue ahead and make further decisions later. If the person is there and he sees me, that wouldn't be so bad. Depending on how far he is from the corner I would either step back or start running. If very close, I would run away. If rather far (more than 5 feet away) from the corner, I'd just step back behind the corner and make sure my soaker is pressurized. He would have to be crazy to follow me, as I'd soak him the instant he comes around the corner. If someone was there and did not see me, I'd do the logical thing: come up behind him and squirt him.

By: Adrian

Soaker up to my shoulder, angled across my body so as to present a thinner profile, back up and out, and start taking slices out of the 90 or so degrees I'll have to traverse to find out what's on the other side of that corner.

Oh and, do it fast. Likely you'll take them by surprise, and you'll have the mindset to shoot before they will. Even if they do know you're coming, moving fast will help ensure their shots miss you. The general understanding coming out of shooting instructional facilities is that every time a person clears a house slowly, effectively, by the book, they die. Move fast, and you're likely to live longer.

Clearing angles SUCKS.

By: C-A_99

First, I'd camp the corner, out of sight, and keep listening. If I know the person is there and in range, I'd reach my soaker out and blind-cover fire in the area, thus effectively eliminating him while giving him no chance to fire back. Another possibility is to try to lure him into another corner by silently throwing a rock at said corner, but the rock may be seen. If not, then he'll likely go to the corner and get shot. If I listen for a while and hear no noise, I'd peep my head around. If he's there and looking in the wrong direction, I'd go for the kill via water bottle dumping, unless he's busy fighting someone else, then I'd stay back, hide, and listen to the fight while camping, listening, and watching for anyone to come by.

Posted: 20080803

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