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Water Warfare Scenario 5: Behind the Trees

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Game Type: Team-based One-Hit-Eliminates
Duration: 30 minutes
Number of Players: 9 (you plus 8 others)
Environment: Boreal Forest; lots of trees (oak, maple, pine) at least 1' (30cm) in diameter spaced apart ~10'-20' between trunks. Ground is mostly fallen leaves, pine needles and pine-cones. Some small seedlings, but primary cover available is from the tree trunks.

You and your friends found a good patch of forest for which to hold a water fight. To make things interesting, instead of having just two teams, you and your friends split up into groups of three. Typical armament is Super Soaker XP310/Max-D6000 to Water Warriors Piranha/Tiger Shark calibre equipment. Three starting locations were picked out by the group, roughly equidistant from each other (~300' or so from the other two starting points). Thanks to the trees, each starting point cannot be seen from the other, allowing each team to attempt to perform covert attacks, etc. However, the ground is less compliant as each step is typically met with a soft crunch due to all the leaves, twigs, and pine cones that litter the forest floor.

Each team captain has a cellphone, used for agreeing on when to begin the game. Though each team has a designated captain, all players are roughly of equal skill and can take charge at times depending on the situation; no participant is strict on whether he or she is captain or not.

The Situation:
The game started about 15 minutes ago and your team has progressed as quietly as possible in the rough direction of one of the other teams' starting points, keeping an eye out for any unnatural motion. From the corner of your right eye, you think you see some motion, but are not 100% sure. To be safe, you hand signal to your teammates to take cover behind nearby trees. You are in the middle position with teammates on either side about 15' away each. The motion you thought you saw came from somewhere on the opposite side of the trees you are hiding behind. You attempt to listen closely and think you can make out footsteps approaching slowly. Based on the volume and pace of the steps, they appear to be approaching to within 30' of your location, but not aware that your team is there. Thinking you have the advantage, you psyche yourself up and signal to your teammates to prepare for a surprise attack. Just then, your team's captains cellphone starts ringing (the goof forgot to switch it to silent!). Pretty much anyone in the forest could probably hear it ring!

The approaching footsteps have stopped. You also are not sure about there whereabouts of the other team, either. Now what?


By: XP270

Literally, Charge! Run, shoot all you got! They probably know where you are by now so take care of them! No more covert tatics!

By: C-A_99

I'm going to assign some labels to clear things up. Our team is blue team, the team whose captain's cell rang is the green team, and the unknown team is red.

Keep the team where they are. The red team should hear the cell and after enough waiting, the 2 other teams will fight each other. Our team will then fight whoever remains. Anyone who's thoroughly played through Halo 2 should get the idea here. If green team keeps approaching, they'll be ambushed by us, but that will likely give away our position to red. In this case, we can scather up a bit and try to reduce our profile. I personally would have the other 2 go prone and stay concealed behind leaves, bushes, and/or trees, while I pop up and get a good view of the whole area. Once I know exactly what red team is doing, I'd lead them into the area where the other 2 are prone, and they'd effectively be ambushed.

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