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Image Gallery - TonyB Soaker Warrior .:

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"This is my choice of soakers for all out water war. As you can see, subtlety is not my style. I roam the battlefield at will hosing all who dare stand fast against me." - Tony B.

Combo: SC3200 with integral flashlight and laser sight. Backpack piggy-backed to SC Backpack with heavy nylon ty-raps. 2 SC Backpack units; one reinforced (o support 3200 pack), with hose to right- one worn at front with hose to left. Straps cushioned with sheepskin - necessary when carrying full packs. This allows both pistol units to be draped over front SC while using 3200. Conversely, 3200 strap can be hung across front SC while using two SC's . Independent targeting is a beautiful thing.

Additional equipment: Full face safety shield - won't fog or bruise like goggles, but protects well. Look your enemies in the eye while soaking them.


NO ONE will out gun or out last you. Independent targeting with no pumping on SC's. Can use one SC to defend while refilling others.


Slow and cumbersome movement. Stealth impossible (and unnecessary). Long refill time, requiring Multiple QFD's.

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