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iSoakin' The World ::

iSoakin' Ithaca, New York, USA

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iSoakin' New York City, New York, USA

Soakin' in an AMTRAK Train
usa_ny_amtrak_02_100 usa_ny_nyc_01_100
Soakin' in a New York city cab
usa_ny_nyc_02_100 usa_ny_nyc_03_100 usa_ny_nyc_05_100
Soakin' a LEGO Statue of Liberty at FAO Schwatz
usa_ny_nyc_07_100 usa_ny_nyc_08_100 usa_ny_nyc_09_100
Soakin' the real Statue of Liberty (from Battery Park)
Soakin' the Freedom Tower (still under construction)
usa_ny_nyc_12_100 usa_ny_nyc_13_100
usa_ny_nyc_15_100 usa_ny_nyc_16_100
Soakin' Times Square
usa_ny_nyc_19_100 usa_ny_nyc_21_100
Soakin' the Rockerfeller Center