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The Armoury Review :: Super Soaker CPS Splashzooka 65oz.

.: Statistics measured at



Manufacturer: Larami Ltd. / now Hasbro Inc.

Class:  Elastic - Bladder  Hose

  Item Number: 3119-0
  Copyright Date / Release Date: 2000 / 2001
  Availability: No Longer Made


Basic Statistics ::

  Weight: 1270.00 g (44.88 oz.)
  Reservoir Volume: N/A
  Pressure Chamber Volume: 2200.00 mL (73.33 fl.oz.)
  Pump Volume: N/A Ratings .:

Power: 11

Range: 90

Encumbrance: 65

Ergonomics: 65

Capacity: 70

Overall: 75

Blaster Dimensions :: 64.0 cm (25.2 ") x 12.0 cm (4.72 ") x 26.0 cm (10.24 ")

Length x Width x Height

Version Colours .:



Pressure Chamber



1 ::

Black / Orange

Nozzle Information: 1 .:


Range (level)

Range (45°)


iSoaker Output Rating

iSoaker Power Rating

Shot Time

Main ::

9.0 m (29.53')

11.0 m (36.09')

69.0 mL/s (2.3 oz./s)



30.0 s


  • Most statistics are from models tested by; individual performance may vary; some models exhibit greater variability than others (i.e. output, range, colours, etc.)
  • Please reference if you use any information from any part of this website.

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iS SuperSoaker splashzooka65_01tbThe Super Soaker CPS Splashzooka 65oz a good, pumpless water blaster with great shot time, good output, very good durability and interesting styling. The CPS Splashzooka 65oz is completely dependant on an active Q.F.D. for filling/pressurizing the blaster. Without an active Q.F.D., this blaster is useless. As such, it is highly recommended that any CPS Splashzooka 65oz. user should carry an additional blaster just in case a safe Q.F.D.-capable filling station is far from reach. When filling the blaster, it has an overflow valve at its top to allow excess pressure to be released (thus note which way the blaster is facing otherwise one may find oneself getting wet at the filling station).

The blaster, itself, feels very well made. One fault, however, with its design is that it is the first CPS-designated blaster without a shoulder strap. This is rather unfortunate since this would be a perfect blaster to sling over one's shoulder while using another pumpable blaster. The other thing to note about its design is that the CPS Splashzooka 65oz becomes rather back-heavy when filled. As such, the two recommendable positions to hold this blaster are either with the green-tube squeezed between one's arm and body or to hold the blaster with the green tube resting atop one's shoulder (i.e. bazooka-style).

The stream output from the CPS Splashzooka 65oz is roughly equivalent to a 2x blast. However, thanks to its rather large-pressurized chamber, its firing time is well into 30 seconds of constant firing. The stream tends only to fall off once the pressure chamber is virtually empty. One minor drawback to the CPS Splashzooka 65oz's pressure chamber design is that any residual water that is not pressurized by the CPS chamber is harder to remove when the battle is over.

Overall, the Super Soaker CPS Splashzooka 65oz is a great mainline blaster, able to take on most other blasters so long as there is an active Q.F.D. around. The 2x stream, however, is not as intimidating as the other CPS blaster's 5x or greater streams. This blaster is best used by those who run quickly and can take advantage of the times their enemies are pumping.


Well-built, decent reservoir, pump-free blaster. Sturdiness combined with decent output and long shot times creates a very good blaster for the soaker field.


Completely dependant on the Q.F.D. for filling/pressurizing. Somewhat back-heavy when loaded yet has no shoulder strap to make carrying easier.

:: Submitted Reviews

By: Aqua-Flash | Posted 20090615

When it came to making something a bit different in the CPS line, the Splashzooka is it, released in 2001 when things started going down the drain.  Unlike any other blaster part of the CPS line it was the first quick fill only soaker, basically it’s a large CPS chamber that holds around the same amount of water as a 2100.

The Splashzooka looks original too, like a bazooka.  The colours of grey, a bit of black and transparent green go well.  Even though it only has a nozzle at around 2x in size, the shot time of it just never seems to end, so while smaller than most CPS streams since it goes on your opponent will still be soaked after a few seconds of firing, and given the size, the stream packs more of a sting, could be used as a whip, whteesh!  The Splashzooka definitely wins the role of the blaster that constantly needs the toilet.  Range is not bad either.  Filling with the Quick Fill Device (QFD) is quick and easy.  The whole blaster is pretty simple, and is reliable since it is just a large two litre CPS chamber which acts as the reservoir strapped to one simple nozzle and trigger valve in a case.  It feels very robust, so it can take the stress if a user needs to take a chill pill.  If you can’t be bothered to pump then this blaster is right up your street.

The Splashzooka is hindered though still, while it might have the shot time to make people faint, one large blow is the fact that unless you have a QFD and a hose near, this blaster is useless, as that is the only way to pressure it.  Not having this at a water fight is like organising a disco, bringing in the equipment but forgetting the records, completely useless.  Along with that, compared to many other blasters, the stream isn’t all that crazy, it doesn’t really riot out or anything, it’s just a solid stream that lasts ages.  If you want craziness in a blaster this size, the Splashzooka is not it, you’d be better off with a CPS 1000 or similar.  It is also pretty easy to waste all your water quickly, while the nozzle is not as big as a lot of CPS’s, it is easy to get carried away and go empty on a two litre charged reservoir.

The Splashzooka as a whole though is a nice CPS blaster.  It retains that CPS simplicity and also does a good job at being something a bit more different than usual in the line.  It isn’t really in your face when it comes to being pretty mental, however it’ll make your enemies go mental when they try and run from you, which since it fires for ages without pumping, they won’t be able to get away from the stream giving them a thorough covering, quite literally pissing them off.  If you want a light CPS soaker that requires no pumping and long shot times, this is a worthy buy, however if you want something the same size that is heavier hitting, then this probably isn’t for you.  Still, the Splashzooka isn’t a bad blaster and showed Larami, despite starting to decline at the time in terms of great blasters could still deliver some good hits.

Using the CPS Splashzooka 65oz

Most XP’s and below are a good target as well as the smaller CPS’s due to the good shot times and range.  However any larger heavier hitting XP’s and CPS’s will be harder, and remember you only have a limited amount of charged H20 before needing to get back to a fill station.

Against the CPS Splashzooka 65oz

The majority of air pressure blaster users should watch out.  Small CPS’s watch out too, make the user waste their water, and when they run out soak em!  Same applies to anything larger CPS or air.


















Review By Wayne K. | Posted: 20020527

I got my Splashzooka about a year ago to get ready for the 3rd annual east chain water wars. Boy, was Isuprised when it went for 30 seconds!!!. The fact that you don't have to pump means you can carry either another Splashzooka in the other hand or a shield! I have had a lot of good luck with this gun and now in the 3rd annual Super Soaker fight we figure there is going to be over 20 blasters! 6 of them will be Splashzooka's!

Ratings 1/10(one being the worst)
Endurance : 11/10
Range: 8/10
Power(amount of water it pumps out): 7/10 (only because it has a small nozzle that can't be made bigger due to the fact of Q.F.D
Balance: 9/10(this is only so because the trigger is set way forward.

Review By Tyler P. | Posted: 20010506

My brother's friend bought the Splashzooka and boy, we are sorry! That thing has awesome abilities! It looks like it has a rather small nozzle, but it packs quite a punch. Two seconds is all it takes to get someone completely drenched. If you fill it up, you have about 35 seconds of no drop off then 2-8 seconds of lower pressure. It lasts! Too bad it is only a Super Charger. When fully filled, it is a little heavy. It couldn't have hurt to put a strap on it.

Pros: Lasts, and lasts. Good fire rate. Quick fill

Cons: No sholder strap (weight). No Quick filler, no deal.

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