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Water War / Water Warfare Tactical Scenario: Beating Round the Bush + Solutions .:

By: | Solutions By: Multiple Contributors

Location: Park grounds
Environment: Grass, large bushes, sparse trees
Time: Mid-afternoon
Weather Conditions: Warm to Hot, slight breeze, moderate humidity
Game Type: Team Duels - One Hit Eliminates
Game Time: In Progress

Team Descriptions:

Your Team - you plus 2 friends
Opposing Team:3 other friends
General Armament: all players are using mid-to-high class air pressure soakers or small CPS-soakers (nothing larger than a CPS1500)

The Scenario:

You hooked up with a handful of friends for some water fight action on a nice summer's day. Everyone had agreed to playing a team-based one-hit-eliminates type game. Games were played fairly quickly as there are only 3 players per team.

As there was only one area in the park which had a water fountain, this area was declared as a soak-free zone. Any 'hits' taken by a player within 20' of the water fountain would not count as an elimination. Since the fountain didn't fill very quickly, all agreed being shot at while filling would be too cheap.

You and your friends had already played a number of games. The current score was 2 wins for your team and 2 wins for your opponents. As it was getting later and some had to leave soon, it was decided that this final game of the day would decide which team could possess the bragging rights (though things were obviously pretty even between).

During this last game, you had managed to take down one of the opposing players fairly early on. However, since then, you had been running and gunning as best as you could and find yourself hiding behind some bushes roughly 60' away from the fountain, checking your water supply and repressurizing your blaster. Seeing a slight pause in the action for yourself, you note you only have a partially filled pressure chamber left and are in desparate need of a refill. However, as you consider your options, you hear the shouting of your allies and opponents from somewhere on the otherside of the bush. One if not both of your allies had just been eliminated while you weren't sure whether any of your opponents had been. The bush you hid behind offered full protection, but no visibility through it to verify what had just occurred.

If you only faced one opponent, things wouldn't be too bad, but if two remains, you'd definitely need first to refill and then try to figure out how to deal with the situation.

The bush would allow you to stand and still not be seen, though your opponents do have an idea of your general location. The bush also offers about 4' of coverage on either side of your position. There is 60' of open grass between your current position and the fountain (~40' until the safe zone). In front of you, there is an additional 50' of open grass until the park's fence border. There is also the occasional mid-sized tree around, but the tree trunks would offer little cover and the trees are not easily climbable.

So, what do YOU do to increase you chances of being victorious?

Solution by Spinner:

Well, the obvious danger is that of being caught between the two opponents. They'll most likely either be still blasting away at your allies, or be relaxed and congratulating themselves if they eliminated both. This should allow rush to the safe zone, which isn't all that far away.

Once there, refill (obviously). They are unlikely to have full tanks, just having engaged with your allies, and one may, after a little bit of drawing his fire, need to refill himself. If he does, take the opportunity to leave the zone and either run for some cover (trees, bushes, anything to make it interesting) or, if you fancy your chances against the other guy, go for him. After all, he probably won't have a full tank either.

I haven't specified every possible move after the refill, and I don't think I can really, but this should at least increase my chances of being victorious from my current position

Solution by cooldood31:

I'd stay where I am and QUIETLY see if there's one or two, and how close they are. If their within 30 feet, just shoot em. If there's one left, and out of range, I'd throw a rock into a bush 10 to 20 feet beside me. He'll cautiously aproach the bush the he saw/ heard move (the bush I threw the stone at, and when he gets in range, I'd shoot him. If there's 2 that are out of range: my team is horrible, and I'm going to need to make a dash to the fountain to reload. Than go ninja/ kamakaze on them, I'd lose as soon as you get out of the 20 foot ring anyways, so I might as well go down fighting, and I might even take one of em down with me. If they come in the circle to reload, I'd run like heck to a defendable position (hill, tree, bush, whatever).

Solution by XP20Warrior:

Here's a trick that might work if your mom is good natured. Take off your sneaker, and place it on the side farthest from the water fountain. Pump up everything you got, and check your enemy's position. Most likely, they will do a two pincer, some from both sides. Probably sending one person to go from behind you, guessing that they think you're away from the fountain, can deceive them. Then dash to the fountain with whatever you got, firing as if your gun was a semiautomatic to conserve water. (Hint: Take your other sneaker and throwing it somewhere else might distract them...)

Solution by Adrian:

I'd raise my head slooowwwlllyyy and look over the bush, check on the disposition of the enemy. Then I'd feint an attack and pull back, manuevering so I was between them and the fountain, and burn sneaker back to the refill, dodging behind any trees along the way. From there I'd attempt to lure them into the range of my Pirahna with the timeless technique of step forward several feet (out of the safe zone), then shoot and back up (into the safe zone). They walk into range EVERY time.

Solution by Hyperion330:

Go postal and spray all your remaining water in an interesting circular shape around your position? ???

A sprint accross the open area shouldn't take more than a few seconds, but that's still enough time to get soaked by a CPS1500, especially if there are two or three.

So here's the deal: take a rock and sprint towards the nearest tree, distancing yourself from the bush and the enemy. Before arriving, make enough noise and throw the rock to make the enemy curious as to what's on the other side of the bush. Then, hiding behind the tree, pop out and try to take out as many as possible. Then take full sprint to the fountain and salvation!

I don't like the fact that the tree will offer little protection should you fail. If all the enemies check out the bush, they'll be open cannon fodder. However, you will be as well. So, if luck's on your side, you just might be dry enough to toast your victory amonst your friends at the warm cozy dining room of your house.

Solution by Duxburian:

I think I would attempt to get to the fountain for a refill first.  It would not be very hard, the bush is 40' away from the fountain safety zone, a really quick dash if you are a Track sprinter like me.  I would still throw a rock or large stick somewhere to distract the enemies before taking off.  After refilling, I would retreat to lure them into following me.  They would most likely be seperated in the pursuit, the critical piece to my strategy.  This sets up like the Roman story of the Horatii triplets.  If they become strung out, I could deal with each enemy in turn.  But if they stayed smart and went after me as a group, I would try to wear them down a little with constant running.  In this scenario I would rely a lot more on physical running and tactics than my gun.  Thank God for Winter Track!

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