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* The Importance of Light Troops

By: Belisaurius

Commanders regularly underestimate the importance of light troops in water wars. With an almost universal tend towards increased power and range at the cost of mobility, a comander can actually harm chances at success. Quick moving, light troops can secure objectives faster and provide necessary backup in any skirmish. In the African battles of World War 2, the Allies originally favored an all-tank method, where there were no infantry or light mechanized untis to support the tanks. They felt that the tanks themselves were enough to win any battle. When faced with the integrated mechanized forces that the German commander Rommel employed, the flaws in the Allied tactic became clear.

Historically, light troops have always played a large role in defeating more heavy enemies. Light troops can react faster to situations than heavy units, and can avoid many of the attacks heavier units typically use to eliminate enemies. In a water war, light troops are esential when combatting enemies with better technology than you.

A light unit can run down fleeing enemies much more easily than a heavier unit. Lightly armed skirmishers can protect the flanks and rear of a maneuver, and can be used to hold a location long enough for heavier units to arrive and be deployed. When crossing rivers or negotiating another such terrain objective, light troops can be used to buy time for heavier units to get to more easily defended positions. they can be deployed in front of a maneuver, to prevent the enemy from determining what the deployment of heavier units is. In guerilla combat, light troops can make quick strikes and then fade into the terrain quickly. By using natural features like dense vegitation to limit an enemy's ability to react and to negate range and power advantages, skirmishers can overcome a heavier unit with little to no effort.

Ignoring the importance of light roops can be fatal to any commander. Whenever you battle, make sure you have soem skirmishers to counter your enemy, and to take important objectives. do as much as possible to negate enemy tech advantages with quick strikes and proper deployment of troops. Light roops can be very effectively deployed as bait for an ambush. They have the freedom of movement not enjoyed by heavier units, and can help prevent an opponent from gaining more ground by providing essential set-up time for the heavier firepower. I firmly suggest you deploy a unit of skirmishers whenever possible!

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Posted: 20040820

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