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2016: Back to Basics

2016For 2016, is re-visiting the use of some styling elements that graced the original (2000) website, namely the use of circular elements. As some may have also noticed, the watermark graphic used for newer images is also different, using clean line-art as opposed to a gradient-filled splash graphic. The top menu was simplified, moving the link to alongside the iSoaker Warriors Twitter and the iSoaker Warriors Facebook links. This makes it clearer to visitors that the other sites are technically external to and are part of's extension into Social Media., itself, remains dedicated to providing insightful information on the water guns and water blaster models it reviews. Review pages are being updated with the goal of providing even more useful information on water blaster models. Granted, most older water gun review pages will have format, but not content changes made to them. However, when possible, even older water blaster review pages may be tweaked and improved. More changes and updates are planned, but all in due time. On the bright side, we already have a number of the upcoming 2016 water gun models so many notable items should have fairly full reviews by the time Spring, 2016 arrives. As always, soak on and Leave NO one dry!

2017: Refocusing

2017For 2017, is focusing back on what inspired its creation in the first place: Powerful Pressurized Water Blasters. As such, not only was an article written about "Focusing on Pressure", but a decision was made that, going forward, reviews for pump-action and syringe-based water blasters would be minimized with less time spent on measuring detailed water blaster statistics. This decisions, however, does not mean will never review a pump-action water blaster in the future; what it means is that for a pump-action water blaster to be reviewed, there must be something else notable or special about it, otherwise it likely behaves like all the other known pump-action water blasters and so people can just make decisions more on looks, colours, and size. As this year's new water blaster crop appears dominated mostly by pump-action water blaster designs, as opposed to using up development time on low-value reviews, time was freed, allowing for more website and content creation activities.

The header navigational bar for provide links to the major sub-sections of The Armoury, Tech/Repairs, Water Warfare, and Information. However, two additional links to particularly popular sections were added: The Water Blaster / Water Gun Database and Articles. More detailed changes include a richer variety of options for displaying information in the Water Blaster / Water Gun Database. Tweaking other visual elements and cleaning up old files as well.

Soak on and Leave NO one dry!

2018: Fall Update

2018For 2018, continues to focus on its core strengths, especially given my rather limited schedule these days. The header navigational bar for still provide links to the major sections of The Armoury, Water Blaster / Water Gun Database, Tech/Repairs, Water Warfare, and Information. The site overall has a darker backgroun which gives a nicer contrast with the header icons. The header, itself, was enlargened by 50% to make the buttons bigger for touch-screens and to show off some of their details a little more clearly. As well, the number of random items shown from the database was expanded from 4 to 12 since that's really the core essence of the website.

The footer region was also redesigned to make it a little cleaner, clearer, and more organized. In the meantime, some of the inner sections are being tightened up as well.

Leave NO one dry!

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